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Buying a home soon? Are you using the ULTIMATE HOME SEARCH?

Why search for a home, when Hillier Homes can send your dream home to you?

With today’s online-centric real estate market, the sheer number of potential houses can be overwhelming to sift through. Ottawa is at an all-time high for active listings. Hillier Homes has a solution.

“It can be challenging because great homes and good deals are always sold within the first few days of coming to market, if not before the house is listed,” said Hillier Homes agent Tim Larocque. “It’s about finding that happy medium, so buyers aren’t scrolling through hundreds of homes, but are still finding the best options for them in time to have the opportunity to take action – we accomplish that.”

They are building on their innovative online Ottawa real estate approach, by delivering a service that allows buyers to have a better chance to find their perfect dream home and make an offer the moment it goes on the market.

The team at Hiller Homes is taking an existing auto-notification system through MLS ( to the next level. The service already matches buyers with new homes, based on limited criteria. Now, Ottawa real estate agents Tim Larocque and Tyler Verheul are creating a personal home shopper service in which they screen and hand-pick homes for clients.

“There are tons of search criteria that can’t be discovered on a listing service,” Tim said. “We’re launching this to help find more dream profile properties – to narrow down the choices and get buyers exactly what they are looking for.”

That can be achieved by helping clients be as efficient as possible: eliminating homes which are not a fit, while also being instantly available to connect.

Hillier Homes are adding a professional benefit by scrutinizing hundreds of possibilities, through the creation of customized criteria and then bringing potential matches to the buyer’s attention immediately.

“We focus on the human aspects and we’ll screen for that. Do you want a freshly-painted house? Do you require a new roof? Open concept? Our search capabilities are endless, even down to the need for a school zone,” Tim said.

Tyler agrees, saying the personal service also has another advantage. With lag time of up to two days between the time a home goes on the market through agencies to when it is posted live on MLS, that lost time is crucial. “Everyone is about saving time so why search when we can send?” Tyler said. “We can get this done faster, we know the sale prices, we negotiate on your behalf, and it doesn’t cost anything.”


Tim & Tyler are always reachable! Chat with Tim & Tyler at Hillier Homes any time through their website,, or contact Hillier Homes at 613.721.4995 or

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