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How Does Your Ottawa Real Estate Listing Compete Online?

How Does Your Ottawa Real Estate Listing Compete Online?

Hiller Homes’ unique online marketing in Ottawa real estate connects sellers with buyers

Hillier Homes is doing something in Ottawa real estate.

The team is leveraging the marketing power of the internet to find the most potential buyers in the shortest amount of time.

Through targeting buyers and posting quality full-motion video, professional abstract photos, and carefully-crafted property descriptions related to each listing on multiple websites, search engines, and social media platforms, real estate agents Tim Larocque, Tyler Verheul, and Betty Hillier are proving to increase interest in their listings. This ultimately puts more money into their sellers’ pockets.

“Our strategy is different, modern, and relevant to today’s market,” said Larocque.

By embracing an online component as a tool to sell homes in the Ottawa area, the team at Hillier Homes is using its online strategy to give sellers an edge. Larocque said showcasing houses to vast numbers of potential buyers online makes their team stand out.

“We’re different,” he said. “We have created an internet strategy that generates opportunities through targeting buyers. We have recognized the change in how people are searching for homes online, and can proactively market to targeted buyers.”

Hillier Homes entices more online interest in your home
Hillier Homes presents your house on the most current – and busiest – social avenues. People researching homes online will search different websites, in addition to viewing homes through Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. If your home isn’t advertised online in these formats, you’re missing a huge audience of buyers to connect with, Larocque said.

“Buyers take 20 seconds to view your home online,” said Larocque. “They first look at the photo of the outside of the house and then read the description. If the home doesn’t have that appeal in those first seconds, they lose interest.”

That initial glance is crucial – the longer buyers look at a home online, the higher the chance of enticing them to book a viewing of it.

How it’s done: Selling homes in Ottawa’s real estate market
Targeting buyers online has proven to garner big results for sellers listed with Larocque and Verheul in the past. “With proper strategies, everything is increased: the number of showings improves, the number of people through an open house is increased, and the general level of interest surrounding each home is increased,” Larocque said. “We’re spending the time to create the best opportunity to get an offer on your home for the highest price.”

Their Ottawa real estate online strategy for selling homes boils down to four key elements:

  • Price. Accurate and fair pricing is crucial and Larocque is quick to point out that neither the agent nor the home owner sets the price. At the end of the day, the potential buyer determines the value of the home.
  • Presentation. How the home is staged and ready for showing is vital. Professional photos and video of a well-presented house appeal to the widest range of buyers. Buyers want to picture themselves in the home.
  • Online marketing. People now find homes on the internet. They research homes first and then contact the agent. It’s about creating a strategy that proactively attracts these potential buyers by making your home stand out using a combination of photo, video, and professional text. Hiller Homes’ use of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allows for additional information to be communicated, as well as providing a captive audience where other homes are not featured. Friends and contacts are able to instantly share information about your home.
  • Pre-listing marketing campaign. Creating buyer leads before the house is even on the market is a proactive approach. This allows for valuable feedback on the home and for test marketing the price. Directly targeting buyers in this manner can lead to potential interest and offers from buyers without agents.

The Hillier Homes online advantage
The core of our online marketing strategy is to get more potential buyers looking at your home. Similar to shopping online, this focuses on achieving more clicks and higher conversion rates. Hillier Homes creates calls-to-action that encourage buyers to want more information or to book a showing. 

“Our full-motion videos create the perception of walking through the home, which encourages viewers to spend more time looking at it,” Larocque said. “That usually translates into action.”

The team at Hillier Homes knows that it’s a true buyer’s market right now in Ottawa. The market has reached an all-time high for listings. Prices are starting to flatten out, and even decrease. That translates into houses taking longer to sell because there are more choices available. Buyers understand that, so they’re taking the time to heavily research online before making a move.

“We leverage the strengths of the internet by evolving what’s available,” Larocque said. In the end, it means a more comprehensive and thorough marketing strategy for homes, which increases interest. “Not everyone in real estate is doing this right now and their sellers are missing out on a huge opportunity.”

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